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Christmas is Coming! Bring on The Crafts!

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to deck those halls, hang up that mistletoe, and make your home festive for the holidays!

Here at Dove Original Trims, we love finding fun ways to use affordable trims like satin blanket binding and Christmas ribbon to create one-of-a-kind home decor items. This year, our elves have been busy creating these fabulous holiday crafts that are sure to be the talk of your holiday table this season!



Craft a Custom Christmas Tree Skirt Using Blanket Binding


If your holiday tradition includes putting up a Christmas tree, this simple project makes it easy for you to protect your floors while creating a festive, colorful spot to put all your presents.

For small and medium-sized trees, you’ll need a 45″ to 54″ wide square of cotton or cotton-poly blend fabric in the color of your choice – think greens, golds, and reds – while 60″ x 60″ is a great size for ceiling-height trees.

Start by folding your pre-washed, pre-shrunk fabric in half to create a triangle shape. Find the longest edge, then make a fold in the center of that edge to create a smaller triangle. Cut a small hole at the top point using a small, circular side plate as a guide. Remember, it’s always better to start small – you can make the hole larger later on.

Go ahead and shape the long edge of the triangle into a curve, then finish the inside edges with a simple zigzag stitch on your sewing machine.


Now it’s time to attach a colorful blanket binding to the outside curve – think of festive colors that compliment the fabric such as satin white, gold, and green.


Transform Satin Blanket Binding Into a Unique Holiday Table Runner


Create a unique table runner for your Hanukkah celebrations using bright blue, white, and silver satin blanket binding from Dove Originals Trims. Not only will this festive craft help to protect your table from fried foods like latkes and all those wonderful jelly-filled donuts, but your custom-made table runner is sure to become a cherished heirloom in your family.

Of course, if you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, or simply love the holiday season, you can customize this craft to suit your traditions – here’s how:

  • Measure the length of your dining table and add 10″ (2″ for a seam allowance and 4″ per end for overhang)
  • Decide how wide you’d like your runner to be
  • Purchase cotton or cotton-poly blend fabric that matches your measurements; cut as needed to achieve the width you want
  • Finish all of the edges of your fabric using your choice of one or more satin blanket bindings that you simply sew on using a straight stitch on your machine, spread out your runner on your holiday table, and get ready to feast!


Top Your Holiday Gifts With This Picture-Perfect Christmas Ribbon Bow


Transform your holiday gifts into Instagram-worthy presents by topping them with a beautiful hand-tied bow!

Start with a roll of Christmas ribbon. Lay your wrapped gift on a table and unroll enough ribbon to wrap around the bottom of the box, crossover, and repeat. Once you’ve measured out your ribbon, go ahead and cut it using a sharp pair of scissors.

Fold the ribbon in half, flip the package over, and center the ribbon over the long side of the box. Bring the ends together, tie them using a simple knot, then repeat to create a crisscross pattern with the ribbon. Now all you need to do is gather the ends to tie a nice big bow to complete your picture-perfect Christmas ribbon box!

For a fuller bow, use extra ribbon and make multiple bows by tying one on top of the other.

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