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DIY Halloween Flapper Costume

1920s Flapper girl in Black and White

Chasing down the perfect Halloween costume can be downright frustrating. Maybe you have visualized the perfect get-up, but still it can be a struggle finding this product online or in stores, with all details included.

Thankfully, a do-it-yourself project can save the day. DIYs are the best way to get the dress you’re dreaming of exactly how you want it. They can also be a ton of fun to make in addition to budget friendly. Stores like Dove Originals Trims are one-stop shops for these fun Halloween DIY costumes. Take a look below for an example: a perfect DIY Flapper Costume just in time for Halloween season.

If you’d like to rock out in this timeless costume, you’ll need:

To make the headband, you will need:

Beaded Trims

Sequin Trims


Headband Base

Putting it all together

The first thing you’ll need is a basic dress in the color of your choice. Look for a scoop neck and a no-sleeves design. To best bring to life that 1920s look, aim for a shift dress. Once you’ve got the dress ready, start applying fringe from the bottom clearly marking rows for a clean finish. You can apply three rows or set up several rows apart all over the dress.

Next you’ll want to style the dress according your own preference. For example, using sequin trims and a chainette fringe, you can customize your ideal flapper aesthetic.

Finally, you’ll need to prepare your headband. Think of the headband as the crown of the flapper look. Back in 1920s, the headband was an important statement piece, and some of these headbands really made a bold statement. To create a headband befitting the 1920s, lay your Black Stretch Ribbon 3 yards 5/8 Inch. You can pick whatever color you prefer for this piece.

Measure the band to best fit your head based on where you intend to wear it. Mark some points and later attach feathers, beads, and sequins into the band. Sew the beads and sequins before attaching any feathers.

To finish the outfit, rock your dress with fishnet stockings and a fur jacket for when it gets cold. This flapper get-up is an ideal DIY Halloween go-to. It is both stylish and classic, and still incorporates modern elements like the fringe. To really stand out, consider curling your hair upward over the headpiece to resemble the classic 1920 style.

You can find all of these supplies at Dove Originals Trims for convenient shopping and finish this costume is an hour or less. The only required skill is sewing, and all preparation is relatively simple. And best of all, when Halloween is over, you can still rock your dress for any other occasion!



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