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What About Lace Makes It Ideal for D.I.Y Fashion Projects?

Let us now further introduce you to that majestic woven fabric also known as “lace” – because it is something no craftsperson, fashionista or DIY clothing customizer should remain unaware of. The affordable nature of it, the versatility of it possible applications and the soft, understated elegance all make it an exceptional fabric for us to embrace.

Where Do We Get Lace From, Exactly?

The original lace fabric goes back quite far into the books of modern history – first having laid its roots in 16th century Europe.

As it goes – the first printed books containing lace-pattern samples popped up in Italy. These bindings gave would-be fabric merchants a way to offer better customer experience. It was much easier to sell their bulk offerings with little books which beamed many styles of soft, elegant lace. Competiton was fierce in Venice at the time (a very important center for trade in the region.)

Fast-forward to the industrial revolution – another period of our history which profoundly changed lace-making forever (out of necessity, of course) as new technologies developed and innovations in machinery led to intricate design patterns becoming feasible and affordable to produce.

Armed With Lace Knowledge, Let’s Explore D.I.Y Applications

Times are drastically different in this day & age, compared to the prior eras spoken of previously in this article, as we now have things such as Pinterest and Polyvore! To most humans in the developed world, it is quite obvious to see how lace has yet again evolved culturally and everyday use of it throughout developed economies has gained many new consumers of the product & many new applications for using it.

It’s simple to go find millions of how-to articles and info-graphics at your fingertips which give c;ear explanations for amateurs to successfully customize their own garments (at home.) Today we’ll be exploring (3) different uses for lace (all able to be mimicked by the average reader without hassle.)

Did you know that some simple lace pattern fabrics from Dove Originals could be your key to completely refreshing everything from old clothes to your daughter’s prom dress?!

Expensive Dress? Not If You’re Crafty w/ Lace



Let’s take a look at this lace-accented dress from a homemade dress inspired by an Anthropologie original.

Sarah from the Life Is Beautiful bog was in love with the $358.00 dress, however, the price just wasn’t reciprocating her affection. Rather than give up – she went to JoAnn fabric and picked up some elegant, cost-effective lace, then went to work on a similarly styled dress.

We have an almost identical lace for sale here at Dove – check it out

Source: Our Life is Beautiful Blog…

Want to Add More Flavor to Your Short Shorts?

If you’re looking for something a bit more relaxed to add that lacy flair to during the summer months – lace is your saving grace! Many women have taken to self-sewing lace on the bottoms of their shorts or decorating their back-pockets with the material.

The greatest thing about lace is that is is super versatile and comes in so many designs, height/width combos and colors! For lace such as what you see below – check out our selection 

For more ideas like this, check out Pinterest

Perhaps Your New Dress Isn’t Long Enough? Extend It w/ Lace!

You can also lengthen a dress using a simple application of affordable lace.


In the following example – an author known as“Lu Bird Baby” demonstrates how she was able to take her cute new dress (that she later found to be a little too short) and fix it by adding a lace trim to the bottom.



Source: Lu Bird Baby

You can find a similar lace trim on Dove Originals here

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