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How To Ribbonize Your Celebrations

Summer Events / Holidays

Summer is short, so why not make the most of the season by throwing a big holiday bash this year?

Decorating for your next summer event is easier and more affordable than you think when you ribbonize your celebrations. Whether you’re planning a big family reunion, a neighborhood barbeque, or an intimate dinner on your back deck, you can create a designer look by wrapping ribbon trim around table edges, deck rails, and pergolas.

Our charming strawberries on white jacquard ribbon will make any berry-lover smile – wrap it around everything from a serving bowl to a patio umbrella. For a classy candle-lit outdoor dinner, why not string some lengths of ultra-chic double-face satin ribbon trim across your patio or deck – it’s a great way to transform your tired old deck chairs into bistro-style seating!


Go all-out for your next birthday party without breaking the bank by using birthday trims to decorate, accessorize, and create a memorable event they won’t soon forget. These high-quality, affordable ribbons are sold by the yard, so you can buy just the right amount for your birthday decor.

The young (and young-at-heart) love our collectible Disney trims for birthdays. For your little princess, choose from our Disney ribbon trim princesses light pink or Disney princess dancing ribbon trim in lavender featuring classic Disney characters like Cinderella, Snow White, and Belle.

Of course, there’s something for your prince here too. Create a rockin’ birthday bash that’s decked out with Disney ribbon camp rock trim in black and lavender – it’s perfect for adding some pop to everything from drink glasses to goody bags!

Birthday trims let you personalize low-cost dollar store items like balloons, tablecloths, banners, and cake platters, and these eye-catching trims are also great for winding around table legs, staircases, and can even be used to make your own one-of-a-kind bows for your birthday gifts!


Our affordable, eye-catching trims for weddings are a must-have when you’re decorating for your big day. Classy, sophisticated, and distinctive, these premium-quality ribbon trims let you customize everything from your flower arrangements to your guest book – all without the sky-high cost that comes with buying ready-to-use wedding decorations and accessories.

Want a timeless look? Choose one of our metallic jacquard trims for weddings such as our 1″ metallic flowers on white ground jacquard ribbon trim or our 1″ white flowers on gold metallic ground jacquard ribbon trim, while our sheer satin edge ribbon trim lets you add a subtle pop of color to your wedding decor.

Channel your inner Martha Stewart by transforming everyday objects like Mason jars into elegant vases, spruce up simple folding chairs, or tie fancy trims for weddings around basic pillar candles to create a champagne look on a beer budget! If you’re feeling extra-crafty, why not stitch some wedding trim along the chest pocket of your grooms’ suit and match it with a length of ribbon trim in the brides’ veil to coordinate the happy couple on their wedding day.

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