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Preparing for the Fall School Year

It’s time to start planning for the upcoming school year. For teachers, this can be an exciting time, but it also means being creative to bring something fresh to the classroom. One of the best ways to reach children is to keep their hands and minds engaged with do-it-yourself projects. Even better, the best materials are affordable, too. Here are some tips and strategies to help you keep your classroom on target.

Why Incorporate Creative Materials into Daily Lessons?

Simple things, such as a few beautiful ribbons or cording can be a simple tool. Yet, they can also be creative items that can really help to encourage your classroom’s imagination. There are many reasons to incorporate creative materials, even those as simple as this into daily lesson plans. When you do so, you can teach, but also inspire. They can also help to bring kids together to collaborate to solve a problem or come up with ideas.

When you use tools like this, you work to improve a child’s motor skills. They can cut, glue, and color using them. They can be stimulated mentally into building something from simple tools. And, when you have a group of people work on these ideas together, they also get to build teamwork skills. Decision-making skills can also help children to show leadership qualities. All of this comes from simple activities done in groups using easy materials.

Need Some Ideas? Consider These

  • Create a few lessons plans that involve the use of simple materials to solve a problem. For example, provide groups of children with some basic fabric trims. Tell them they have to create something useful that could be sold. This can help to teach middle school children the concept of business management.
  • Check out the clearance items. Use what’s available to create new bulletin boards for your classroom. You can use fabrics that are on clearance to help you with making a bulletin visually more appealing. Use these fabrics across the classroom on displays and other areas to bring out themes or color patterns. Simple primary colors are good for younger children but look to incorporate fall themes as well.
  • Get the kids involved in the decorating, too! You want your classroom to have pride in themselves as a group but also in their school. Purchase items that are appealing to many students. For example, having your music class come together to create a Disney-themed musical advertisement board in the school. Use ribbons from High School Musical to help bring across that theme.
  • Make boring areas more interesting as a group. Choose a group of students to decorate the classroom bulletin board for various seasons or holidays from Thanksgiving to spring. It can even be a contest in which students come together to challenge each other.
  • You can also implement ribbons in your classroom. They can help students to learn measurements as well as how to construct various shapes. A simple cord, for example, can help children to demonstrate their difference between shapes by having them make that shape on their desk. This is a good option for younger children.

When it comes to creating your classroom and lesson plans for this year, it is essential to involve your students. With outstanding tools like these, it may be easier to do this than you think.

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