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Summer Party Trim Ideas

When you think of summertime, you think of the outdoors, having fun with friends, and hosting a fantastic event. Whether you are planning an over-the-top event with full costumes for each of your guests or you are planning the best ever party for the kids, having the right look can mean everything. With some fun summer party trim ideas to help you, you can really wow everyone with your new looks.

Summer trims ideas like those listed here are meant to give you some inspiration. Make your event your own with some of your favorite fabric trims.

The Lacey, Fancy Event

One of the ways to host a summer event is to focus on the softness of lace and the elegance of a flapper style party. Roses and pearl trims, in a wide range of colors and designs, can really help you to pull this off. Summertime is a fantastic time to celebrate the softer side of life, and these rose trims can be a fantastic addition to doing so. Add them to a dress or a ribbon for your hair. Another option is to use these trims for detailing along your elegant tablecloths. Soft, yet subtle, with just enough of a floral pattern, these fabric trims are an easy addition.

Pops of Color

Another very different theme to consider is a brightly colored event. From the trims you add to appeal to the beautiful curtains you use in the room, think about simple ways to add color. For example, a red cotton belting or a blue saddle stitch belting are sure to provide you with some bright colors against a white background. Choose other belting and webbing to really complete this look – just focus on bright colors for a fun, youthful look.

Go for Elegant with Conso Trims

If you are hosting an event at your home, look for a few ways to change up the small details throughout your place. For example, an elegant dinner party with guests you treasure should be elevated a bit in terms of the feeling of the space. Consider adding conso beaded trims, for example, to your lamps or, add conso flat trims to add more elegance to pillow and furniture. Throwing in a few tassel tiebacks to your beautiful drapes can also make an impressive statement.

Have Some Fun with Kids Ideas

One of the best ways to really have some fun with your summer party is to use appliques and other bulk bias trims to add color, patterns, and fun details. Incorporate a few appliques with animals on them – perfect for your outdoor party or a baby shower. Cover a white cloth with beautiful white and yellow daisy appliques to celebrate in a garden party.

These are just a few of the best ways to dress up any type of summer party with details. When you purchase bulk bias trims or other products, you can transform any space into a lively, upbeat area that encourages people to come together to have fun together. How can you make this a stand out event?

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