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Tassels and Tiebacks

Here at Dove Originals Trims you’ll find all the DIY sewing supplies, DIY quilting supplies and home decor items you need to bring your design dreams to life. Our high-quality tassels and tiebacks are the perfect way to give your curtains, drapes and soft furnishings that custom-made look at less than you’d expect!

Whether you’re looking to freshen up your decor by adding pretty pink 10″ tieback tassels to a pair of ready-made sheers or you are stitching up a brand-new valance to frame a bay window, we stock a huge assortment of tassels and tiebacks in all the latest colors and styles. Be sure to check out our 5 1’2″ Trading Spaces beaded tassel in gold with a 3″ handing loop or the Wrights Beaded 2″ Rosette in Old Gold when you want to add a splash of ‘bling’ to your master bedroom, and our California Room Natural Jute 8″ Tieback Double Tassels are a must-have for any Southwestern-themed space.

Transform Everyday Chairs With Tiebacks

Think tassels and tiebacks can only be used on window coverings? Think again! Tassels are one of those little details that can really bring a room together without costing a fortune or involving any permanent changes to your walls or floors, which means you can explore new home decor ideas without investing much time or money.

Want to freshen up your tired old dining chairs? Simply swag a big, bold tieback like our Beaded Holdback Chair Tie in Black, Silver and Crystal over the backs to instantly create a glamorous look that’s perfect for the holidays or a special celebration dinner. These DIY sewing supplies are also an affordable way to spruce up folding chairs in event spaces, and for creating a seamless look when you’re using chairs that don’t quite match.

Lighten Up Your Old Lamps

Another reason why tassels and tiebacks are some of our favorite home decor items is the fact that they can instantly make a dull, outdated table lamp or floor lamp look amazing!

To add a modern touch, try layering two 4″ Magenta Tassels with Magenta and Pink Beads from Trading Spaces around the base of an over sized table lamp, or swag a pair of Turquoise Hot Pink, Orange and Burgundy 32″ holdbacks around the shade of a floor lamp for a funky, bohemian look.

Replace Towel Rods With Tiebacks

Another fabulous use for these DIY quilting supplies is as a whimsical stand-in for traditional towel rods. Simply string a 30″ Ball-Style Drapery Tieback in your choice of Gold Beige or ruby-red Brick in place of a rod in your guest bathroom to create a functional and beautiful home decor statement that’s straight out of a designer’s playbook!

And it goes without saying that these DIY sewing supplies look amazing when draped over a doorknob, stitched around the edges of a fancy duvet cover or wrapped around a stair banister. Once you discover just how versatile tassels and tiebacks can be you’ll be amazed at the design possibilities!

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