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What is Bias Tape and Why Should I Buy it?

What is bias tape?

Bias tape is made from strips of bias-cut fabric, and is most commonly used to finish garment edges, especially along necklines and armholes. Bias tape is available in a massive range of colors, fabrics, and styles. Despite the name suggesting otherwise, bias tape is not actually sticky – there’s no adhesive. The most common widths of bias tape are 1/4″, 1/2″, 1″, and 1 1/2″, with 1/2 being the most popular size of these. Bias tape is generally used to create a professional-looking and secure finish on any raw fabric edge. The possibilities are truly endless with bias tape, as thanks to its design it bends easily and holds its shape fantastically.

What Is Bias Tape Used For?

Bias tape can be sewn on to virtually any raw fabric edge to create a professional, secure finish. Traditionally bias tape is used for the outside seams of blankets and quilts, although the possibilities really are limitless thanks to the fact that it both bends easily and holds its shape without warping, stretching, or kinking.

Add contrasting bias tape to the hem of a shirt to create a one-of-a-kind garment; stitch some double-fold bias tape onto ready-made curtains for a custom-made look, or even use bias tape to create button loops!

Why should I buy bias tape?

Bias tape is brilliant to work with, as long as you can sew in a straight line then you can add it to virtually everything, there really is no limit, you can use it to make fashionable loops, drawstrings, and bindings. Better yet, both bulk bias tape and bias tape by the yard comes in a variety of colors and styles that are exceptionally affordable. Bias tape is extremely low-cost so you can transform your pieces into professional looking masterpieces for virtually pennies! You should be using bias tape if you like your pieces to have a distinctive, unique look. There’s nothing that sets a project apart quite like bias tape!

Different Types of Bias Tapes

Bias tape comes in two styles – single fold (with two folds) and double fold bias tape, which has three folds.

Generally speaking, double-fold bias tape is the best choice for binding an edge where both sides can be seen, such as finishing a blanket or hemming drapes.

Bulk Bias Tape vs Packaged Bias Tape

Bulk bias tape represents a great value for sewers and crafters who want to have a big project planned or often need custom-cut lengths of bias tape.

By comparison, packaged bias tape is sold in 3-yard lengths because that’s the ideal size for blanket finishing. Packaged bias tapes are incredibly affordable, making it easy to stock up on a wide assortment of styles, widths, and colors.

How To Shop For Bulk Bias Tape

The best way to shop for bulk bias tape is right here at Dove Originals Trims where we stock a huge selection of premium-quality bias tape, including both single and double fold bias tape in bulk.

First, consider what you’ll be using your bias tape for – are you looking to revive some worn-down blankets, refurbish those handmade quilts in your closet, or stitch up some dance costumes for your kids? Next, think about color. While basic black and white are always a good call, a roll of denim double-fold bulk bias tape can be handy if you have a stack of jeans to hem up.

Don’t forget to consider adding a few colorful and patterned bias tape rolls to your cart as well for those last-minute costume requests, craft projects, and home decor jobs!

For more ideas check out Craftsy’s blog post: “5 Uses for Bias Tape: The Duct Tape of the Sewing World”.

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